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I've got a second home!

My blog has moved to Ko-Fi where, along with new posts, I will share photos, videos, news, recommendations and the occasional art work. You can treat it solely as a platform to stay in touch with what I'm up to, but you can also become a supporter. If you became a monthly subscriber, you would gain access to exclusive videos and background stories. However, Ko-Fi does also have a rather sweet option of just buying people a coffee. Metaphorically that is... if you buy me a Ko-Fi coffee, I will put that money towards the purchase of a new violin bow. Check out my page and you will find out more about my bow issue as well as how the whole thing works!

As for the blog on this website here will remain and I will probably use it to post about releases or upcoming concerts.

For now, I hope you all stay healthy and jolly.

Love and laughter,



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