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A review, an interview, a playlist, a mailing list, and a new violin!

Hello hello!

In my endeavour to write my blog posts more regularly, we already meet again…

A few things have happened since I last wrote to you; first of all, I finally had some nice new photos taken by the fantastic Ruth C. Garner who uses the good old real film! The reason why I really needed new photos, is that somebody new features on them with me. While I adore my beautiful French Gand & Bernardel, I’m giving it a break and instead I’m playing on this Italian violin made by Vincenzo Postiglione, which is full of temperament and spirit. This instrument was very kindly loaned to me by the Harrison-Frank Family Foundation and I’d like to thank them a million times for giving me this opportunity!

Photo by Ruth C. Garner

On another violinistic note, Mainly Two was recently featured on Spotify’s 50 Picks of Classical New Releases! The chosen track (our recording of the first movement from Prokofiev’s Sonata for Two Violins) can be found on Listenpony’s first EP ‘Live at Listenpony: Mainly Two’.

Mainly Two also talked to The Crossed-Eyed Pianist for her interview series Meet The Artist. You can find the whole Q&A here

And as many of you know, I collaborate with the wonderful Lucy Claire on a semi-regular basis, and one of our tracks, Voices of the Sea (her piano composition, my violin improvisation), got some love from Solar Mountain Ridge and was featured on their Ecstatic Innervisions playlist.

Now, my recommended event of the week: Steven Ebel‘s recital at the Swiss Church tomorrow 1pm. Steven will be performing his own works together with pianist David Gowland. Free entry, but ticketed!

Last but not least, I now have a mailing list where I share these blog posts with you as well as upcoming concerts. Only every so often. You know how frequently I write blog posts. I won’t be spamming. Sign up for it here!




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